Monthly Archive 四月 2011


The Double Standard

Do I dare write about it? Do I venture into the cerebral territory where so many men have gone but failed? This particular subject is one that is highly debate-worthy and has troubled society for generations. That is the famous double standard: if a guy hooks up a lot he is “the man” and if a girl does it then she is “a slut.” If myself and many other men do eventually find wives, our mental constructs and upbringings have conditioned us to seek a girl that has had a smaller number of sexual partners. However the general argument of the double standard should be viewed from multiple perspectives and philosophies which could prove that although most men would not want to marry promiscuous females, her sexual behavior may not warrant the use of the term “slut.”A big part of why men are not condemned as much as females for being promiscuous is that a vagina is higher maintenance than a penis. Many comedians have spoken about how the female tunnel of love is known to be “pretty” and penises are not. In order for a woman to “get off” she needs all sorts of mechanisms, tongue rotations, speed and penetration levels, candle scents, etc…But for a man, a few simple strokes and he experiences 5 seconds of bliss. Men also have more testosterone in their system which increases the eagerness to fornicate while women are more able to practice self control. These points establish a general reason why women are expected to have sex less than men. She is carrying gold and he is carrying silver. However, as valuable as gold is it is still given away or exchanged on few and certain occasions. So women do have the right to give away their gold if the price or time is right without losing “self respect.” If a woman meets a man and has sex with him the same night,  I have no doubt that many will consider her a hoe with no self respect. But what if within that short period of time that man had highly triggered her mental, emotional, and physical levels. This would be rare, but possible. The same way someone may convince me to give them a piece of my gold in one day; not likely but possible. Porn stars are a fine example of this system. They are considered sluts but technically they are selling their gold every day. You may not agree, but to them (and men who marry them) the money is more important than the commodity at hand. So although she is getting pounded on camera, technically she is being rewarded for the goods that she posesses. Going back to my introduction, the reason I want my wife to have a low number of sexual partners is not because of her level of self-respect but it serves as a gauge of determining her judgement level in general. Like how quickly she is to give away a precious product without good reason. I think the same rules should apply for men but substitute the word silver for every time I used the word gold. It is still a commodity we posses but it is less valuable and easier to give away. Also a man’s testosterone will want him to experience that five seconds of bliss as often as he could. So I will not frown upon women who have one night stands or do “skanky” things as long their transaction was well judged.